2nd Circus boat lettering

4. black letter face version produced as a partial boat wrap
black letterface preview
Close up, my favorite – Gold outline overlay around digital printed red letters and confetti, the same gold randomly dispersed on confetti which is illustrated to look more 3D. We could also do a 3D black like this shown above.
3. Confetti concept expanded above and over the door for balancing the overall on the transom
3. hull preview see how “2nd” style works better over the fold in which is the thinnest part of the “2”
2. My version of the original submitted with improved 2nd for readability over the fold and a new circus style lettering I designed..
reduced size centered off door and 3 color cut vinyl installation for price comparison.
1. Your supplied graphic to redraw with confetti as cut red vinyl gold foil interspersed.
Centered confetti, off door.

Often we get ideas from customers drafted by other sign shops that look like this. This is designed as different color vinyl plots of solid colors. We improved these graphics with ideas that are simply more interesting as you can see above.

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