Boat Wrap and striping designs

Come to us with an idea on a napkin and we’ll work through several iterations to bring your idea to life. Like the boat name design service, we take a down payment to begin, then present several options superimposed over your boat to get the conversation started.

Marine Graphics Boat Wraps

Just like the Custom Boat Lettering Design Services the process starts with several rough ideas and then we move forward with details on a theme you like best.

Send us a nice side shot of your boat to begin to look at some vinyl striping ideas to scale.

A partial boat wrap is essential a “striping design” or flourish that can completely change the look and feel of an otherwise plain white boat.

This is an actual sample of a customer page where one can compare, side by side, virtual mockups of ideas that help you make better decisions.

Knowing what graphics you don’t like to see on the side of your boat is good information too.

Prices are typical a fraction of what it would cost to paint the same image and if properly cared for can last as long as you own the boat.

Removing and replacing these types of graphics is simple enough if the vessel has been well cared for.

These types of images are sold by the square foot and simple to install yourself.  More complicated installations around complex curves and hardware obstructions might be best installed by one of our certified installers or a local shop near your boat.

With a full wrap, you’re protecting the surface of the vessel so it will look brand new if you ever wanted to remove it before selling it.

Coming soon…reviews on painting your boat vs. wrapping your boat.


  1. Roughly how much is your boat wrap graphics. I have a 36 ft sailboat, I like the blue wave wrap on the example page. I would also like the boat name “Tangled up in Blue”.

    1. Full wraps for a boat that size cost a few thousand dollars. Many choose this option to protect new gelcoat right out of the factory, but you can also get great effects with partial wraps. Most of the designs on that page are what I would consider partial wraps as “striping designs.” The full wraps cover the bow and transom.

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