1. Tracy, prices are dependant on size. Unless you know the best fit, people usually email in a photo with measurements so we can show a proof to scale along with a quote. This was designed with a gold foil or leaf layer, but could also be just a digital print, so there are three options.

  1. I like your calypso_5 graphic. I am located in Fl. Do you ship your graphics? The boat I’m purchasing will be delivered in the fall. I won’t have the measurements till then. I am planning to put a graphic on the stern, and starboard upper helm. You can email me your response at the below email.


  2. I love the calypso #5, I plan on putting on the stern of my boat. I think about a 12″ long graphic will work as the boat is only a 17′ CCR Glasstream (2021). Can I get a cost and delivery time?

    1. Robert,

      Email a photo with measurements if you’d like to see how that will fit. Its designed as a digital print with a gold foil overlay on a white hull, but this could also be printed only. I will email you at the address here.

      – John

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