Carpe Ventum…Seize the wind.

1 - Carpe Ventum...Seize the wind.
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Re: Seize the wind.

When designing custom boat lettering, I look at every boat as if it were my own. So it stands to reason that as I’ve been thinking about names for my own sailboat, I have a lot to choose from – over 10,000 last I checked! Boat names, not boats, three is enough boats.  Still, this doesn’t make it any easier.

My kids have their own ideas, but I still keep coming back to this “Carpe Ventum” because of what it means to me. I took latin in high school, but I only first learned the translation of the popular “carpe diem” while working on the film Dead Poets Society during my Disney Studio days. I took the advice in the film and left Disney for a walk-about in Alaska where I fell in love with the sea (again) and I haven’t been far from my boats ever since.

In this name, there’s a mixed sense of “going with the flow” and “living life to its fullest.” I also like it because I can use this really cool photo I snapped of a Heron…a bird with sails for wings AND a beak long enough to finish the middle of the E in Ventum. Yup. I like it.

Yours truly,


John Marston

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