Custom boat name case study – Ay Caramba

A custom boat name starts with your submitting several pictures of your boat from all angles along with measurements to help scale the image.  We begin with a type study to find interesting letter pairs then we present our first drafts.  

In this case the customer chose one of these first three ideas without requesting any alterations.  We often work back and forth for about 8 iterations to allow for fine tuning details, but in this case that wasn’t necessary! We looked at a variety of placement locations, sizes lettering styles which have been archived here and can be purchased

1. Beveled letter face and silver chrome outline could be a silver overlay for additional $ .

Custom boat name with accent wave.
Custom boat name 1 as it might appear on the hull.

2.   Shown on the back step and marking on the bow, port and starboard, shows how marking port and starboard is much more readable from a distance.  Why not use all three?

3.  Simple one layer bevel, no outline.  Reverse direction for the swoop on each side respectively.

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