Destiny Boat Graphics – Long Island

The requirements for these boat graphics were for something flowing and elegant, possibly including a compass rose in the design. In one of the later iterations I introduced the “starfield” overlay from a photo of the night sky. This idea was eventually scrapped so I didn’t get into refining that.

8. blue bevel with chrome outline
All caps hailing port picking up the blue from the name. Is this a CG registered boat?
7b. darker with a starfield overlay
7c. the starfield bevel blues has connected the D and the E
7 These variations all fit about like this.
7c. starfield closeup
7a. chrome with blues
6. Adding a compass rose behind the D
6. hull preview, smaller overall letters to accommodate larger rose
5. adding a compass rose to the S
5. close up on compass rose
5. hull preview where D dips over ledge
4. blue bevel with chrome outline and soft shadow. I might connect the D and E
4. proposed placement on hull
Started with a type study and came up with three progressively flourish ideas. Following are possible fills and effects.
1. preview on hull with name and port on panel
Navy bevel with silver outline and hard shadow
2. Navy round bevel with gold outline and soft shadow
2. preview on hull with port beneath
3. figure 8 flourishes on the D
3. preview on hull with hailing port below
8. hull preview

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