Flor De Luna

Flor d'Luna boat lettering preview

This boat name spans 3 or 4 doors and it’s nice to see where the boat lettering breaks.  This photo was provided perpendicular to the lettering surface so we can produce any of these ideas to scale, exactly as you see here.   This is a great example of what we’ve been doing with clear prints that blend into the hull color, then silver overlays that really pop.


Moonflower is a studio and live double album by Santana, released in 1977. The recording features both studio and live tracks, which are interspersed with one another throughout the album. It is perhaps the group’s most popular live album, because Lotus did not receive a U.S. domestic release until the early 1990s.


It displays a mix between the fusion of Latin and bluesrock styles of the late 1960s and early 1970s, and the much more experimental and spiritual jazz fusion sound that characterized the band’s mid-1970s work.

flordeluna 3 - Flor De Luna

The live material was recorded during the supporting tour for the Festival album, which displayed a similar mix of styles, and many of the album’s songs are featured here – namely, the three song medley which opens Festival.

Side one

  1. “Dawn/Go Within” (Tom Coster, Carlos Santana) – 2:44 (Studio)
  2. “Carnaval” (Coster, Santana) – 2:17 (Live)
  3. Let the Children Play(Leon Patillo, Santana) – 2:37 (Live)
  4. Jugando(José “Chepito” Areas, Santana) – 2:09 (Live)
  5. “I’ll Be Waiting” (Santana) – 5:20 (Studio; also issued on single)
  6. “Zulu” (Coster, Santana) – 3:25 (Studio)


flordeluna 2 - Flor De Luna

Side two

  1. “Bahia” (Coster, Santana) – 1:37 (Studio)
  2. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen” (Peter Green, Gábor Szabó) – 6:32 (Live)
  3. “Dance Sister Dance (Baila Mi Hermana)” (Leon Chancler, Coster, David Rubinson) – 7:45 (Live)
  4. Europa (Earth’s Cry Heaven’s Smile)(Coster, Santana) – 6:07 (Live)

flordeluna 1 - Flor De Luna


Side three

  1. She’s Not There(Rod Argent) – 4:09 (Studio; also issued on single)
  2. “Flor d’Luna (Moonflower)” (Coster) – 5:01 (Studio)
  3. Soul Sacrifice/Head, Hands & Feet” (Santana, Gregg Rolie, David Brown, Marcus Malone, Graham Lear) – 14:01 (Live)

Side four

  1. “El Morocco” (Coster, Santana) – 5:05 (Studio)
  2. “Transcendance” (Santana) – 5:13 (Studio)
  3. “Savor/Toussaint L’Overture” (Santana, Rolie, Brown, Michael Shrieve, Michael Carabello, Areas) – 12:56 (Live)

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