Have your boat’s portrait drawn

Line art illustration of your boat.ORDER THIS SERVICE NOW.
We print white on darker backgrounds on hundreds of items like shirts and hats.

Speaking of cool stuff…custom boat gear is the coolest when you have your boat’s portrait done.  Send in a photo of your boat from your favorite angle and we’ll create line art illustration of your boat to use with the boat name for shirts, hats, and other crew gear.

Digitized for use in embroidered products for an extra fee.  Embroidery requires a file to direct a sewing machine, so it’s a different process.

Different size applications require modifications. Too many lines can muddy up an image if it’s reduced.
dark or colored background
Reverse railings to white for darker backgrounds.


  1. I’m looking for an outline drawing of my boat which I could use as a transparent window sticker/decal/transfer. Perhaps 2 colours Navy and White. Round shape about 150mm diameter. I would need 6 of them…
    Can you help?

    1. The illustration provided in high res is yours to keep and use as you like. I can additionally lay these out in ovals and would charge about $35 per sq. ft. The production cost is based on size, naturally, larger cost more than smaller.

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