Wakanda Forever styled boat graphics?

Creating something like this for your boat graphics project is simple for lighter hulls, but supposing you are starting with and off white hull color like black. This would require we print this to match the background color on white vinyl. The key lights blend into the hull color and the contour cut is wide there to create the illusion of light, but most of the black in this boat graphic would be trimmed away and the black gel coat (or boat wrap) beneath would appear. If you’re wrapping the whole boat this kind of lettering is layered into striping designs and additional detail on the final design.

Brushed silver metallic face overlaid on extruded brass outline/shadow.

Just admire this Wakanda logo! … the choices for layering when kerning the AKA… the welding on the “EV” in Forever… a chrome filled extrusion and key lights on a black background … just everything!

These type of boat graphics are ideally a two layered design in which we overlay a silver metallic on the printed background where the golden brass bevel appears. A professional install can be arranged, but its very simple and most customers handle this themselves with some direction.

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