Aquarius boat lettering

9. Adjusted Q on Aquarius #7
9. Adjust Q on #7 detail
9. Preview at 60″
7. variation on #5
8. variation on #5
8. preview of #8 a little smaller
5. using a logotype for the Q
5. hull preview

If we want to consider using symbols..the Aquarius astrological symbol is represented in three ways. 1. an urn pouring water, by a man or woman. 2. water waves itself. 3. the constellation itself as we see it from Earth.

1. cartoonish script treatment with constellation.
1. hull preview
2. urn symbol
2. hull preview for a small marking
3. black bevel face with the wave motif
3. hull preview mounted forward toward the center of the boat
4. wave with urn graphic
4. hull preview with smaller graphic
I found a few ways to perhaps create a Q if you’re interested.
6. wild colors with inlaid wave designs
6. bold and crazy wrap

Check out these “Aquarian” graphics I created years ago with a similar set of letters.

Starting to look for interesting lettering pairs.

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