Boat line art drawing


Send in a photo of your boat from your favorite angle and we’ll create lineart to use with the shirts, hats and other crew gear we create from your boat lettering. This can also be digitized for use in embroidered products for an extra fee.


Line art illustration of your boat.
Have your boat ‘s portrait drawn for use on crew gear.

Gift idea:  Have a pen and ink drawing of your boat done for the office.  We also might use that boat line art drawing in a graphic that we print on shirts, mugs and a bazillion other things.

Custom line art drawing

Send in a photo of your boat from your favorite angle.  If we didn’t do your boat graphics, include a photo of your boat name and we’ll incorporate that into one of the options for your consideration.

This boat line art drawing is a good first step for embroidery.  The line art gives an embroiderer exactly what they need to digitize the same drawing into a form that drives a sewing machine.  Embroidery digitization is an art in itself.  Usually priced based on the number of stitches which is a factor of size.  The number of colors of thread needed can also change the price.

Have your portrait drawn!
Use lineart like this when producing your custom gear including over 200 different products.

Normally with the right detail, we would produce something like this that works on backgrounds from white up to 50% gray.


In some cases you might be interested in reversing out the details for dark backgrounds.  Details like cleats, railings, antennae, that appear against that background should have more contrast.  Let us know in advance if that is the case.  Both can be created up front for an extra fee.




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