At Last boat graphic – Hilton Head Island

I really like this rope effect and have used it in several other graphics tagged below. These aren’t finished boat graphics, more like rough concepts. If any of these look nice we can move to next steps with colors, effects outline, shadow etc. but we need to narrow down a concept first. They are numbered beneath each image and followed by a preview of how it might fit best on the transom.

6. blue shadow…adding the heart will take up space…I can change the angle of the L tail but it would take up this much space.

Using rope for just an element or one letter is preferable to writing the entire boat name in rope because letters are more readable form a distance and legibility is important to us.

6. hull preview
5. Blue lettering with blue shadow to tie the rope in. frayed ends needed
5. hull preview, easy to remove the heart
2. infinity rope into L
2. hull preview
1. infinity rope to heart
1. avoiding the 4 rivets or nuts on the door for each of these previews
1a. Alternate layout with infinity rope to heart
1a hull preview
3. infinity heart as one logo loops through
3. hull preview
4. infinity rope stand alone
4. hull preview

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