At the Beach Boat Graphics

5. adding a soft shadow and adjusting color on the letters for final art.
4. gold chrome outline, blues and golds with ocean sunset
4. hull preview
1. using an @ symbol and palm trees
1. hull preview centered
2. palms, sand and sandals. Sunset beveled letters with a soft drop shadow
Perhaps leaning the palms the other way would fit better.
3. Bold arched beveled navy letters over an ocean graphic with sunset horizon
3. hull preview

I usually start with a type study and find interesting letter pairs this way. Let me know if any of these strike you. Then I create a couple rough drafts that will start to steer a decision based on what you like and don’t like. You can reply with your thoughts by email or use the comment form at the bottom of your page for the next iterations. I got a little better angle on the transom and measurements then show each example with a corresponding hull preview so you can get an idea how these make the boat look from a distance. I left the original hailing port, but can easily change that too.