Aurora boat graphics

16. More blue and red wih fill from 13.
Using a reflective material like this to print on would be an interesting effect for Aurora
13. Adjust colors and stars sprinkled through the lettering
13. up close with the stars
14. steel and stars closer
14 steel and stars texture

14 is like 12 but fixed the texture, then the added layer of stars

12. high res #9
12. close up
10. logo concepts, I like the black filled with Hubble spacecraft photos of deep space
10. moving the hailing port on the transom lower leaves more room above
9. Wide aspect ratio with steel-like letters from #4
9. hull preview taking up more of the the transom
8. adding a more wavy aurora than in #4 using the letters from #3
7. shadows from #1 and fill image from #6 I think I like the wave position from #6 better.
6. Using your photos and a simple dropped soft shadow
1. using a fill of the night sky with bold letters over waves

There are a lot of fills we could experiment with here including the photo you sent. The bold straight shapes on your transom also inspire this option.

1. hull preview with port and starboard mounted aft
2. Blue bevel with silver bevel outline. A simple arc through the sky
2. mounted forward on the bow
3. black for readability could also be fill with borealis similarly, but here
I’ve used a more graphic representation of the phenomenon.
3. consider mounting at an angle on port and starboard like a signature.
4. boldened for readability over the spectrum
4. picking up the color for bow markings

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