Bedtime for Bonzo boatname

6. Navy texture fill with chrome outline treatment of #5 with arch envelope
6. close up of texture and chrome colors
6. Hull preview, hailing port should be dark navy here.
5. black face with chrome bevel and soft shadow.
hull preview
4 black bevel face with gold outline
4. hull preview
1. square aspect ratio
1 placement center on door
1a. horizontal aspect ratio
1a. mounted across back panels
2. red bevel with black shadow
2. hull preview with transparency to show where letters are sliced
3. wavy line of text
3. hull preview perhaps should be rotated clockwise two degrees.
3a. rotated and skewed so that the second B aligns with door.
I usually start with a types study like this and pick my favorites, but in this case I thought we might start with the lettering from various movie posters and video tape box designs. There were two main styles with three layouts. These are rough just for exploration if you like the idea I would move from these drafts to a tighter design.

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