Blue Pearl custom boat graphic

4. Hull preview
4. gold foil overlay
6. gold bevel chrome outline would also work as silver
5. bright blue outline
5. Centered on panel for name and boat for hailing port
1. placement centered with hailing port below.
1. light gray bevel with black outline shadow
1. hull preview with hailing port in upper panel
1. a different view of the hull preview
Mermaid with blue pearl in shell
2. white version of #1 with mermaid in pearl shell (rough draft) with a blue pearl
2. hull preview
3. center position on transom with hailing port above rubrail
3. hull preview with lettering centered above rub rail
3. alternate position


  1. Hi John,

    Lets go with version 1, which I think is font 5A, with text only. I like the grey bevel with the black outline and the connecting swoosh off the “B”. Let’s go with the hailing port; Boise, Idaho, below the rub rail as in #3 alternate position. Can we look at that design (1plus alt 3) and a couple of alternatives please. I am thinking of a different shadow outline, maybe something brighter and contrasting, super bright blue or yellow? Not sure if that will look good and it is likely we will stick with your original black.


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