Boat graphics for Savoir

6. chrome fill you liked with black line and softer shadow.
1. Chrome Script style with wave and fill color you like.
6 hull preview a little smaller
5. sharp silver bevel with black outline and soft shadow
5. hull preview

Savoir is used as both a verb and a noun

to know – connaître, faire savoir, reconnaître, souffrir, se présenter (see voir)
be aware
figure out – résoudre, décider, arriver à comprendre, bien calculer
realize – réaliser, comprendre,
sort out – ranger, comprendre ken savoir, connaître, concevoir, saisir
knowledge – connaissance
science – lumières
learning – apprentissage, étude

4. Serif style with black stone bevel face, gold outline, and soft shadow
4. hull preview
3. silver bevel outline graduated blue fill
3. hull preview
2. inverted V for A with the addition of wave
2a. Alternate wave position

I believe this to be too large on the transom but show it anyway as an example for discussion.

2. hull position off center larger
1a. Graduated blue fill script with silver outline and wave
1. hull preview

I start by looking at my type library at different lettering pairs for ideas. I pick out my favorites for starters, then begin to work up variations on these to present. Let me know if you see a font that interests you.