Bud Ski rope lettering

Budski Boat Lettering Placement

Using rope lettering

A great example of boat lettering on a center console.  I think you can do one or the other, but not both. This also shows a boat with a light blue hull color.  With any off-white hull color, you have to think about contrast.  Also how the color might be affected when printing on a clear.  We solve that by knocking out an opaque white layer first, then run the sheet back and print color over that. This is much nicer than printing on white if you like those soft shadows, but seeing is believing.

Often the manufacturer has taken the primo space on the port and starboard sides of the boat so, without removing those original vessel markings, lettering on a center console may be the way to go. Having said that, the best graphics are the ones that make your boat look the way YOU want it to look, so removing manufacturer logos never stops us in the design phase. Might as well see what that looks like!

Rope lettering with a digital bevel

Bud ski boat graphicsbud ski boat name

For other examples of boat graphics where we’ve incorporated rope lettering check out – https://marinegraphics.com/tag/rope/

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