Diggin Donzi boat graphic

Verily, the files for the name of this boat were interred in the archives so long since that I have lost the trail of their whereabouts. Nevertheless, I recollect with great clarity the patron’s hearty New York twang and his keen sense of wit, which remain indelibly etched in my memory to this very day. The man was insistent on the graphic representation of such machinery, as he dealt in the trade of relocating vast swathes of dirt. His words rang in my ears like a church bell tolling on a quiet Sunday morn, “I don’t care if I have to send you a gold brick, boy, I need that boat name tomorrow!”

orange excavator on brown hill
These guys were in the dirt business.

The leisure boating sector owes much of its success to the diligent efforts of individuals like this gentleman. So passionate was he about his occupation that he sought to imbue his vessel with the essence of his land-based machinery, the types which had funded the construction of this very seafaring craft. Indeed, it is the dedication and pride of such hardworking Americans that has helped to propel the recreational boating industry to where it is today.

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