Dragonfly custom boat graphic

New custom boat graphic for Dragonfly
New fly on an old custom boat graphic. This fly more accurately reflects the blue and silver theme.
Variation on #3 with more detail
Adding skin texture to offset fly on the ‘f’. The wings are translucent.
Dragonfly #3 details

Each one of these custom vinyl graphics evolves from a little back and forth through our design process. We start with 2 or 3 designs then gather some feedback for the next iterations. In the end one might decide that some of the earlier drafts were favorites. Learning what you like best often involves eliminating what you don’t like and when you can see everything finally to compare, and then again previewed on the boat, well it really helps drive the decision in the end.

8. This is the eighth iteration in a series driven by incremental decisions. It’s a digitally printed custom vinyl graphic which appears to have a gold outline. This outline can be printed this way or we can use an overlay of gold leaf, either artificial or 22kt. for an extra added effect.

7. A 3D dragonfly was used to model various positions and demonstrate how it might be used in a custom vinyl graphic design. This graphic also shows the use of either a digitally printed gold outline or foil overlay. A shadow under the dragonfly really adds dimensions. This is done by printing on a clear material that actually looks like a shadow on the customers white hull.

6. Its not as easy to see the shadow in this version, as it is with later iterations. When designing a custom boat graphics, we want to show you a variety of ideas because seeing is believing!