Frayed Knot Boat graphics

Final art with hull blue background for sides notice the corrected beveled edges are square…will cut away for transom leaving a little blue but the sides will look like this for wrapping the name boards and you have more than a half inch to spare around the edges to trim.
11. Fixed rope through E and added black drop shadow for punch.
10. here we go with the right knot and through the D! What do you think?
9. brighter white taller knot
8. bevel white
7. New typeface
6. Hull preview off center.

6. Lowest profile with weaving rope for larger side markings that match. Port and starboard lean forward respectively and using a blue wrap to match transom.



5. All caps and lower rope profile, black name boards with matching graphic


4. Center placement


3. The addition of a soft shadow (digital print on clear layer)


3. Hull placement off center.


2.Simple white (least expensive) with knot as “o”


2. Center placement, all caps hailing port


1. Light blue bevel, Rope pile, knot fraying at end with two w’s


Centered with rope on door, upper lower hailing port to match.