Here Be Dragons boat graphics

6. Using dragons in the letter shapes saves vertical space so the name can be mounted centered.
6. closeup of how the boat might use a silver outline and negative space to define the dragon heads
6. hull preview
5. black only, dragon needs work to smooth edges and fix eyes and smooth the curves.
5. hull preview using your dragon with suckers letters need to be lowered to accommodate, rotating helps

I also looked at quite a bit of dragons and have a few favorites. The following are a mix matched bunch of ideas to get the conversation started

1. dragon over dragon skin beveled type.
1. hull preview
1. reversed out hull option on dragon skin wrap.
2. using a dragon as the letter s. Black bevel with silver outline and soft drop shadow
2. closeup
2. hull preview
3. tribal dragons on either side of chrome beveled letterface with silver outline
3. hull preview

I like to start with a type study and go through my library to see what sticks.

From this I narrowed down to three basic styles that seem to work for this case. I found the old english to be a little too busy with the addition of a dragon.