Boat names by Iain Banks

Here’s a list of ship names from science fiction author Iain Banks… He has a large database of goofy ship names he uses for laughs…

His books are first rate. Highly recommended.

In this version, the ships have been ordered by the first reference to them, and are annotated by their type. All the ships in the previous version have been accounted for, together with a few that were missing. The ships appearing only as chapter and subsection headings in The State of the Art have also been added. It’s still possible I’ve missed some.

GSV The Ends Of Invention [ex-Culture]
GSV Bad for Business
GCU Nervous Energy
GSV Irregular Apocalypse
LSV Profit Margin
GCU Prosthetic Conscience
GSV No More Mr Nice Guy
GSV Determinist
GSV Bora Horza
Only Slightly Bent
I Thought He Was With You
Space Monster
A Series Of Unlikely Explanations
Big Sexy Beast
Never Talk To Strangers
It’ll Be Over By Christmas
Funny, It Worked Last Time…
Ultimate Ship The Second
Thankyou And Goodnight
Excuses And Accusations
Stranger Here
Well I Was In The Neighbourhood
A Ship With A View
Unwitting Accomplice
Helpless In The Face Of Your Beauty
Synchronize Your Dogmas
Just Another Victim Of The Ambient Morality
Arrested Development
Minority Report
Happy Idiot Talk
God Told Me To Do It
Credibility Problem
You Would If You Really Loved Me
Sacrificial Victim
Not Wanted
On Voyage
Undesirable Alien
You’ll Thank Me Later
The Precise Nature Of The Catastrope
Halation Effect
Dramatic Exit
GCU Flexible Demeanour
Unfortunate Conflict Of Evidence
(D)ROU Zealot
Gunboat Diplomat
GCU Of Course I Still Love You Just Read The Instructions
GSV Youthful Indiscretion
Little Rascal
Screw Loose
Limiting Factor
Kiss My Ass
Prime Mover
GSV So Much For Subtlety
Cargo Cult
Just Testing
Sweet and Full of Grace
(D)ROU Xenophobe
Very Little Gravitas Indeed
GSV Size Isn’t Everything
Congenital Optimist
GSV What Are The Civilian Applications?

GCU – General Contact Unit
GOU – General Offensive Unit
GSV – General System Vehicle
LOU – Limited Offensive Unit
LSV – Limited System Vehicle
(D)ROU – (Demilitarized) Rapid Offensive Unit
Blew Bayou

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