Infinity Bound Boat Graphics – Poulsbo

This boat lettering project works around a stern light on the upper panel above the transom. The customer-provided logo concept was to be integrated into the boat graphic and here we are tasked to show various ways to do that.

Ultimately, once the best fit has been determined in the desired area, we use the measurements provided on the boat to extrapolate the final size of the image.

7. gold chrome bevel with blue to match the canvas, larger man, wavy line of text
6. chrome bevel face with blue outline to match and symbol below
5. illustration of engine turned gold leaf effect, blue outline to match canvas and a soft shadow
1. Arched letters, Infinity above, blue to match canvas and printed gold chrome effect
2. Chrome lettering and symbol, below centered and weaving through the B
2. closeup on how the symbol might weave through the B
3. Blue bevel letterface superimposed over symbol.
4. I found the symbol to affect readability and would also suggest this with more contrast.
The symbol could be printed or a silver metallic

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