Installing your boat graphics using the wet method

Some graphics are best installed using this wet method, like anything we print on clear. If your boat graphics are printed on white vinyl we DONT want to use a wet method as that material uses air channel technology for bubble-free installs. See the Hinge Method or the Butterfly Method for the graphics printed on white. Water in those channels defeats their purpose.

However, if your graphic has a foil overlay, like a gold or silver outline, or is printed on clear to take advantage of a soft drop shadow that blends into your hull color, these call for wet applications. In a wet application, the water prevents the vinyl from sticking right away and allows one to reposition it by sliding the graphic around. When registering a second layer, this is particularly helpful. Check out this video for example.

We use Rapidtac diluted 50% with water, but really you can get away with just adding a few drops of dish soap to a quart spray bottle, just enough to break the surface tension of water. It’s important to have a good plastic squeegee to squeeze the water out and apply enough pressure to get the graphic mounted without bubbles. We sell those with a kit that includes a spray bottle with Rapidtac if you’re interested.

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