Jammin’ boat graphics – Corona del Mar

10. Sans Rasta hat soft shadow behind fish bill and fins and letters
10 hull preview

“Jamming” became a commercial success and one of Bob Marley’s most well-known songs, earning critical acclaim for its infectious rhythm, positive vibes, and meaningful lyrics. It has been covered and sampled by various artists, and remains a beloved classic in reggae and popular music, serving as a testament to Bob Marley’s enduring legacy as a reggae icon.

9. smaller hat so the dorsal shows.
9 hull preview image is stretched horizontally to get the dot on the eye on the door without a slice.
8. mahi behind apostrophe
8. hull preview
7. reggae marlin left and reggae mahi apostrophe
7. hull preview
6. reggae marlin left facing inward
6. hull preview smaller hailing port
5. reggae marlin to the right facing inward.
5. hull preview with lower hailing port
4. rasta wave with sailfish, blue bevel letterface, chrome bevel outline
4. hull preview breaking through wave and n
1.Green, yellow and red, silver outline black hard drop shadow
1. hull preview, simple install, no letters across the door.
2. bevel letterface treatment with silver outline.
2. hull preview breaking across the n
3. red yellow green blend with yellowfin tuna
3. hull preview breaking between the i and n
I start with a type study, looking for interesting letter pairs, then pick my favorites to start with.

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