Knot on Call boat graphics

5. Navy with a bevel based on #3 with frayed rope ends
5, hull preview
3. Thinner typeface blue with gold outline and soft shadow
3. hull preview
1. Square knot as O
EKG shapes
2. trying different Call with color
2. hull preview
4. one line layout with variable font
4. hull preview
Starting with a type study to ID “LL” pairs that would work. I had envisioned a cursive style for that word and found one I liked which would work with the EKG idea


  1. The design is awesome! Can you send a sample using different font for “Knot on” in 5C, 8C and 20B bolded? We would want the font to be the same thickness so it can flow with “Call” and the EKG pattern.

  2. We like #3 the best. Would you adjust the “O” knot so it flows into the bottom of the “c”? Could you change the color to a navy blue and do one without gold outline and one with? Thanks!!! Can’t wait to finalize!

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