Legasea Boat Lettering – Miami

In this boat lettering project we started out with a white hull and the customer then decided to paint it blue. We took his favorite design and reversed the outline to help it stand out on a darker hull color. Moving the fish to the side allowed for the largest lettering across the transom.

6. changing #2 favorite to a white outline and fish off center
allowing for stern lantern best fit and a larger graphic.
The outline could also be a gold or silver foil outline to help it stand off the blue
6. hull preview with a little extra drop shadow under the white outline for definition
2. Legasea blue with flag. Chrome bevel black outline letters
Legasea #2 on the transom
1. Legasea sailfish with stars and stripes
Legasea 1 on transom
3. Legasea black bevel gold leaf outline letters and rod.
Legasea #3 on the hull.
4. Flag fill with flag fish, too much?
#4 Legasea on the hull
5. gold leaf face with black outline and soft shadow
#5 on the hull the shadow overprints hardware on the transom.

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