Custom boat lettering

Get started with your custom boat lettering


Email your photos and measurements. Include dimensions on the same plane as the lettering surface so that we can bring your photo up to scale when we design the graphics. We invoice the email you contact us from and begin work upon receipt of payment.


We retouch the photos to remove old lettering or to virtually repaint your hull in a new color. A measurement between two easily visible points on the plane of the lettering surface allows us to scale the photo to the actual size.


Our first draft ideas are posted asap and you are notified by email. We send a link to your personal page where we can begin a conversation. Notice how the style, color, and scale of the lettering alter the overall look of your vessel. Contact us with comments, questions or suggestions.

Examples of typical customer pages:

We try to narrow down your favorite ideas quickly starting with a few various approaches, then fine-tuning in successive iterations.  The goal is to have your decision in less than 8 iterations.  Your final design is quoted based on its size and the materials used.  22kt gold leaf costs more than silver, digital prints, cut vinyl in that order.