Journey boat lettering – San Diego

Journey Boat Graphics

Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards”. – Soren Kierkegaard

It’s about the journey not the destination…we hear that a lot.   I’ve learned that destinations aren’t really destinations. They are service stations on the journey of life.  Marker points on this ongoing unravelling mystery which are our life stories. It’s probably more common to name a boat after an idea like this that is to credit your favorite band in high school.

Journey Boat Graphics

1. noun

When you make a journey, you travel from one place to another.  We are all “vessels” in that respect. It’s about the journey not the destination in this case, the name of the boat, not all the places it will sail or where it comes from.
There is an express service from Paris which completes the journey to Bordeaux in under 4 hours. [+ to]

Journey Boat Graphics

2. noun

You can refer to a person’s experience of changing or developing from one state of mind to another as a journey and in this case that experience most likely happens as you step aboard the boat.  “It’s about the journey not the destination” – that’s kind of funny.  The Journey IS the destination.

How do we go about embarking on this ‘inner journey’ to understand ourselves?
My films try to describe a journey of discovery, both for myself and the watcher.

Journey Boat Graphics

3. Journey, the verb

If you journey somewhere, you travel there.

In February 1935, Naomi journeyed to the United States for the first time. [VERB + to]
She has journeyed on horseback through Africa and Turkey. [VERB preposition/adverb]

Journey Boat Graphics

Synonyms: progress, passage, voyage, pilgrimage

Journey Boat Graphics


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