Harmony Boat Graphics – Seattle

These boat graphics were originally designed around bumpers which were fending off the stern davit as it came close to the gelcoat. Eventually we decide to remove those, opting for a better system, but the design still looked great mounted at an angle.

5. bevel letter face with chrome outline
5. hull preview mounted at an angle to clear the bumper. Looks like a signature.
4. outline shadow
4. hull preview with the y breaking over the door.
1. customer provided image to emulate.
1 hull preview about as large as it could be with H wrapping around bumper.
2. Adding a drop shadow for weight, an outline or outline/shadow is another option. These can be any color, this represents a black face and silver or gray shadow. We might also use a silver foil.
2. hull preview
3. black with gold outline nicer birds
3. hull preview

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