1. a reckless adventure or wild prank.
  1. an escape from confinement or restraint.

Escapade boat lettering

Origin of escapade

1645–55 Spanish escapada, equivalent to escap(ar ) to escape + -ada -ade1
Escapade boat lettering

Synonyms for escapade

caper, antic, caprice.

Related Words for escapade

antic, fling, caper, mischief, vagary, romp, shenanigans, folly, roguery, trick, gag, scrape, lark, stunt, spree, frolic, rib, prank, rollick

Examples from the Web for escapade

Historical Examples of escapade

    • The only dread she had was of the discovery of her escapade by the hospital authorities.


      Mary Roberts Rinehart

    • Shandy’s escapade with Diablo had brought a new trouble to Mike Gaynor.


      W. A. Fraser

    • She was convinced that the escapade was important, though it would have puzzled her to say why.

      Howards End

      E. M. Forster

    • Recommend him to be more prudent in future if he wishes me to forget his escapade at Tavora.

      The Snare

      Rafael Sabatini

  • What could be the objection, even were the escapade to be discovered by misadventure?


    Louis Joseph Vance

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