Migration boat lettering ideas – Mexico/Alaska

7a. chrome fill soft shadow to match sides means two layer….digital print on clear with shadow, digital print on white overlay
7. side placement
7. closeup on the house. This is done in two layers using a clear, then overlay a print on white.
7b hard shadow on transom
7. hull position
7b. hard shadow closeup digital print on white. This can be done on the house as well, but not as realistic an effect.
6. Modification on letters to pick up the RA in Riviera logo and considering 3d letters.

6. represents a raised lettering concept for the sides made from cut steel, acrylic, plastic molded or formed, fabricated metal, etc. TBD. The detail in the whale shapes could be done with vinyl overlays. I could do vinyl temporary graphics that look the same until the final letters are fabricated.

6. closeup
6. raised lettering on the port and starboard sides of the house
6. raised lettering on the stern smaller so it doesn’t span the doors.
5. black with brushed silver foil
5. close up rendition of what this could look like with a brushed silver.
5. hull preview
4. chrome effect fill for the name and a metallic silver with black detail for the whales.
4. hull preview slightly condensed height and working whales into the hailing port.
1. black bevel letter face with silver outline and wood cut whales.
1. hull preview
2. White lettering with blue whale
2. hull preview with Prescott off center
3. blue bevel with white chisel outline, wavy layout with gray whales
3. hull preview with Prescott centered

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