Moondance boat graphic ideas

In this boat name case study, our customer provided a little background for reference. The couple’s favorite pastime, besides boating? Dancing! Here is an attempt to align that concept within the word to create something unique.

5. Dancing in the moonlight
A full moon actually occurs in several different colors.

Using a full moon in the boat’s lettering as a capital “O” seems to be an obvious variation, but it’s difficult to do on a lighter hull. The illusion of light in the sky can be created with a darker cloudlike background, but in this case, a black circle around the moon helps define its use as a letter.

5. using the moon as one of the O’s

Here is an example of how this graphic might look centered and spread across the transom. Notice the break across the door between the A and N means no trimming of the vinyl is required.

Using a silver foil outline on the letters really makes the boat name stand out against an off-white hull color.

4. swapping the placement of the moon and stars. black letter face with silver foil outline.
1. a silver foil outline over a soft drop shadow would look kind of like this.

The ladders on the port side of the vessel interfere with the original boat graphic.

Rather than just using plain white shapes for the moon and stars this third boat graphic example uses a digital print for texture on the moon and luminance on the stars. To get the stars to “shine” like this, we blend from white to the color of the hull. You can take a photo of a white piece of paper on the gel coat in full light and we use that to create the illusion.

3. using stars that fade into hull color makes them appear to shine more.
2. White moon and stars, white outline

The original provided concept using a black moon and stars was our starting point.

1. provided concept with starboard moon and stars.

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