No Worries boat decals

5. different rope position and addition of an outline.
5. details on the rope ends
5. Line broke! No Worries.
2. hull preview from further back for comparison
2. black bevel face with anchor line wrapped up in the letters. No Worries.
2. this is the simplest install missing all the hardware.
1. smily S
1. a close up on a possible fit showing where I’d need to trim
1. further back for visualization.
3. cartoon letters, light and fun
3. close up ghosted back to show where bumps will appear. these areas are hit with a heat gun and burnished down
3. a little farther back.
4. lighter script with wave, silver and black
4. hull preview

Starting with a type study to find interesting letters then picking some of my favorites for starters below. Let me know if you’d like to see something you like better.

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