PAVED FOR boat decal

10. directional with and without gravel fill for port and starboard.
10 preview, smaller, larger, with and without gravel fill
7. straight wahoo picking up equipment color in outline.
7. hull preview
9. using a gravel fill for the road
9. hull preview
8. curved wahoo between the word show more fish’s body
8. hull preview
1. black pavement silver outline
1. close up
1. hull preview
2. concept from #1 on transom with grit
3. gold foil black outline
4. using rock for the letterface
5. Using a road to cross the A, navy and silver to pick up hull color

I like this concept and would spend more time on the dotted yellow line making it shrink in the distance as it weaves forward and away..

6. against the navy hull using white to set off the road
6. hull preview

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