Pelagic Swagger boat graphics – Cabo

11. straightened letters to avoid door split and adjusted for hinges.

10. Slight rotation of marlin and the addition of the wave.
8. #5 with a little drop shadow and substituting marlin without color on the sides.
7. Straight #2 with fish instead of girl. My rendition of gold foil or leaf with soft shadow.
5. More readable, including girl
4. Silver and black all caps with outline drop shandow.

I started by looking at various typestyles and picked my favorite based on the shape of the transom and the GG pair.

3. Wider, red outline and gold bevel letterface.
2. Girl and marlin breaking through a black bevel and gold leaf ouline.
1. Your first marlin provided with a black bevel and gold outline.


  1. John, this is tough… I have a vote at home that prefers #4 then #1. I am #1 then #4. My concern with #4 is legibility, it is powerful looking and it checks in nicely with the black boot stripe. In your opinion would chrome on black for #1 font be worth looking at ?
    Sent you a separate email as to whether the verbiage would be able to be cleaned off on the Tormenter girl further or if I need to see if I can obtain a different file type ? Not too jazzed about the red font version #3. Like the black gold color play in #2 better, but with the selected font the “S” would seem to get lost from a distance. Also, would want to see a straight version of #2 as well versus wavy.

    1. OK Chrome on black for #1, and a straight version of #2 coming up!
      We can figure out the girl details if that’s the direction we go, not a problem.
      I like the #4, maybe a lighter outline/shadow would help readability…and also to see with girl.

  2. You wrote:
    My thoughts – #4 black chrome is a front runner definitely improved readability and would be nice to see with your black single marlin (like that it engages more width on the transom as well.
    In regards to the Blue Marlin with small yellow fins scattering, seems my best shot here would be to see it with #4 black chrome as well ? Your thoughts ?
    Your new #7 is rocking it too, would it make sense to string it out more for legibility, understand the 2nd “g” in Swagger would need to stop short of the tuna door hardware, would be my only comment there.
    At that point, we would need to make a decision.


    “The new #7 single marlin looks (blends nicely) with the black and gold. The black and gold looks good on boats that have teak on the transom and in the cockpit areas.”
    “The chrome looks more modern and blends with the Albemarle logo on the side of the boat as well.
    If John has the ability to tweak the fish color some here it would be even more of a game changer to me. The fish fin almost looks like it has green in it ?”

    Simply additional thoughts, constructive input. Perhaps the green areas on dorsal and tail becomes silver or chrome to blend in ? If a big headache and not something that makes sense to you, no worries.