Rag Bag Boat graphics ideas – Chicago

6. hull preview, I kept the lettering centered although you could get away with lowering it a little.
6. raised the skyline and rotated the name
5. swoosh and skyline
5. hull preview for port and starboard
1. chrome bevel letterface with swoosh
1a. without swoosh
1a hullpreview. I think it would be interesting to see these port and starboard, if you have a shot square on from the side.
Rendition of what this might look on the side quarter panels.
1b. cobalt blue with silver foil outline
2. one color simple
3. chrome bevel outline around cobalt blue with hard black shadow, Chicago skyline above
3. hull preview sans the chrome outline,
4. cobalt blue face with metallic silver skyline overprinting below.
4 hull preview…the striping is my edit to illustrate the waviness, but the blue would look more like the hull colors in reality esp if this was not printed but just cut vinyl.

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