Relax Josephine boat graphics – Miami

6. Lighter blue and brighter silver outline, with soft shadow
6. hull preview with brighter blue and uppercase Miami
6. less black, more blue, brighter silver closeup
5. Variation on #1 color with blue tones and silver outline.
5. hull preview with uppercase dark blue hailing port (to match)
1. black bevel cursive with gold outline and soft shadow.
1. hull preview scaled to minimize the application over indentation.
2. flat black and gold foil with soft shadow.
2. hull preview with the minimal application over the indent
3. Black stone round bevel with silver bevel outline
3. Hull preview large centered.
4. Mixed type with nested Relax, black bevel silver outline, and soft shadow
4. hull preview

Starting with a type study looking for interesting letters for the boat graphic.

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