Retriever boat lettering ideas

10. Font traced from the hat with bevel, silver foil outline over soft shadow.
9. like the hat without the dog
9 hull preview with Eagle Harbor hailing port
8. 2 versions of your idea using a globe for the dot on the I
8. hull preview
7. black letterface with silver foil outline on a soft shadow
7. hull preview
6. Chrome bevel letterface with silver outline and soft drop shadow
5. Reverse R black hair fade to black from left to right…tennis ball in black
5. hull preview on transom
5. Tennis ball close up
4. another letter fill with water and a tennis ball
4. hull preview
3. hull preview alternate possibilities along the lines the windows have created for port and starboard
3. water fill with dot on I
3. hull preview on transom
1. Silver chrome 3d outline on type treatment
1. hull preview
2. A play on #1 including a striped wave
2. hull preview

I usually start with a type study to identify interesting letters and get an idea for what’s reasonable. Normally A9 is a non starter but I noticed how the arcs under the letters crossed to make wave graphics. This led to another underwater shot with a tennis ball for the dogs. Let me know if you’d like to see any other type example, dial it back to something more traditional, color preferences for next iterations.