Boat lettering preview on the hullskram/

verbverb: scram; 3rd person present: scrams; past tense: scrammed; past participle: scrammed; gerund or present participle: scramming

Scram boat lettering

Scram boat lettering
  1. 1.
    leave or go away from a place quickly.Scram boat lettering
    “get out of here, you miserable wretches—scram!”
    synonyms: go away, leave, get out;

    go, get moving, be off (with you), shoo;
    informalskedaddle, split, scat, run along, beat it, get lost, shove off, buzz off, push off, clear off, bug off, take a powder, take a hike;
    “scram or I’ll call the police”
  2. 2.
    shut down (a nuclear reactor) in an emergency.
Scram boat letteringnoun
noun: scram; plural noun: scrams
  1. 1.
    the emergency shutdown of a nuclear reactor.
    “the power plant was cited for its high rate of scrams over the past year”Scram boat lettering
early 20th century: probably from the verb scramble.

Scram boat lettering Scram boat lettering Scram boat lettering

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