Tempo Boat Graphic

8 hull preview
8. silver wave black drop shadow
7. hull position closer level with waterline, not chine
7. thicker/thinner with opposing waves for port and starboard.
7. I was thinking of a very thin silver as we see here “on the”
5. nugget extrusion and off-center wave.
4. wave flowing through white I would probably like to see outlines as used on some of the examples below as a next step. A black dropped shadow would help with contrast/readability.
4. hull preview. Letters are level to the waterline
3. bevel on blue face with black dropped shadow for contrast
3. hull preview mounted at angle.
1. using the Targa typeface and a black drop shadow.
2. Musical references with a wavy staff
2. variation on the outline using a silver foil overlay
2. hull preview
1. Position on the hull with a slight rake forward on port and starboard. This is a matching style to the Targa logo
3. favorites from type study

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