Black Knight Custom Transom – Italy

4. Using the letters from #3, a darker helmet and the fish from #1
4a. hull preview starboard fish back to the edge of the door.
4b. hull preview wider on transom

3. changes
3. more shadow, longer bills rotated
3. hull preview with fish fitting on door and hinge through G
2. Alternate shield and fish with arched lettering
2. hull preview including hailing port.
2. closeup on texture on black bevel and chrome outline
1. Black bevel interface and chrome outlline based on your original idea
1. close up of lettering and shadow
1. hull preview.
2. closeup, Blue marlin still needs long nose and water translucence in the splash.
It might be right to add some blood to the swords let me know what you think!
I usually start with a type study to see what kind of lettering pairs look like.