Cash on the Water boat graphics – Seattle

8. option 1 in blue with bevel and soft shadow
8a. optional gold outline around the $
8. hull preview
7. black bevel soft shadow
7. hull preview
6. Blue bevel with silver foil outline over a soft shadow
6. hull preview
1. Chrome bevel effect with mixed type. This was the only dollar sign I played with with various fills.
1a. very subtle on the blue on the sides, you can do anything you want as a state registered boat.
1b. transom installation
2. one color, picking up the blue in the hull. The letters grow on the edges to fill the space on the transom
2. hull preview
3. blue bevel letterface straight line of text.
3. hull preview on transom
3. alternate forward port and starboard marking positions
4. blue from the hull with a soft drop shadow on white
4. transom position
4. aft side marking options
5. white, made for port and starboard, simple and least expensive
5. hull preview

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