EEK yacht lettering ideas

7. gray bevel letterface with white outline and black drop shadow.
7. preview on hull sides
6. brushed steel black outline soft shadow
6. placement on an angle like a signature with hailing port
5. Chrome with white outline and softshadow
5. preview of possible placement on sides with hailing port.
1. simple chrome effect fill on modern letters
1. hull preview using the sides
1. lettering on the transom
2. dark gray letter face with gold bevel outline and drop shadow. By not going full black on the lettering I can get a dropped shadow on the letter face under the outline to the upper left.
2. lettering on transom
3. drop shadow font as raised hammered gold emblems
3. preview on transom
4. Kashmir for the Led Zepplin fans with water drops.
4. preview on transom


  1. Thank you for the samples. We had a chance to review last night and think silver/black will look the boat colors. Wondering about more of a cursive/handwriting look.

    EEK is our daughter’s initials and we all write our names with a swoop off the bottom of the K. A look somewhere between C3 and C21.

    Mary and Steve Kaer

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