Guitar Boat Up For Auction

“We’re not too sure whether the Guitar Boat is romantic or a hoot, but nevertheless, it still exists. Commissioned by Australian singer-songwriter Josh Pyke, he is now auctioning off his Guitar Boat as seen above in order to raise funds for the Indigenous Literacy Charity. The Guitar Boat will appear on eBay’s listing from February 2nd onwards, and most of the auction’s share will go towards the “Busking For Change” coffer which Pyke is launching alongside the Indigenous Literacy Project. You have 10 days from February 2nd to bid with people all over the world in order to have this weird water-based transport parked in your garage (or docked at the pier, whichever floats your, er, boat), so make sure your bank account has enough balance to secure the winning bid. You might not be able to carry a tune vocally, but with the Guitar Boat, you ought to melt the heart of just about any lady who hears of your generosity while you ferry her down the romantic canals in Venice in it.”

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