Striping Designs

Scarab stripe designs


[skar-uh b] noun for cool boat that needs striping designs custom made to order.
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Scarab vinyl striping designs

Word Origin and History for scarab

black dung beetle,” held sacred by the ancient Egyptians, 1570s, not as sexy as I thought it would be.

Scarab striping decalfrom Middle French scarabeé, from Latin scarabaeus, name of a type of beetle, from Greek karabos “beetle, crayfish” – now that sounds more like something that should be in the water.

Scarab striping decala foreign word, according to Klein probably Macedonian (the suffix -bos is non-Greek). Related: Scarabaean.  That would be a great boat name for a Scarab in the Caribbean, right?  “Scarabbean”.

Scarab striping decalIn ancient use, also a gem cut in a shape like a scarab beetle and with an inscription on the underside.  Sounds like money.

Scarab striping decal

It’s pretty common to create striping designs that go over the rub rail and onto the faring and deck.  When submitting photos of your boat, be sure and include those with dimensions as well!

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