Houseboat graphics – New York

Starting with a variety of ideas. I would design the front visor and other side of the boat once we discover a motif you like.

These full wrap concepts cover all

1. Starting with setting up an image with burgundy canvas and creating a layer of
windows and rails that we can superimpose over full and partial wrap concepts.
10. Black canvas with simple stripe motif to cover old graphics

These first few I realized were using the old canvas color, so I created a layer where that was adjusted for you to preview the ideas against a burgundy canvas and we try to pick up the warm tones from here on out.

2. windows trimmed out and I suppose with window tint they would be darker during the daylight?
3. same full wrap concept as above with the windows trimmed.
3. another full wrap with perforated windows…this simulation of dusk
with the interior lights on which show through the image.

The thing I’m trying to illustrate above is how covering the windows, rather than trimming them would look, even as it gets dark and we see light from inside when the lights are on.

4. Charcoal and grays. Minimal coverage to block out old striping with an extended arch graphic

In #4 above we would use just solid stripes of color to knock out the old striping, but leave the white of the boat uncovered. This would save on materials costs as there is no printing.

5. Fish Wrap
6. gradient fill, less busy but still a printed full wrap
7. solid color full wraps available in a hundred varieties – no printing.
8. Using black canvas with a solid color
9. Using black canvas with a gradient fill

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