Knotty Buoy Boat Lettering

Boat lettering for the “Knotty Buoy” using both a buoy and rope with knots. These boat graphics are displayed in reverse because the latest iteration is posted to the top of the screen. We Started with the first four boat graphics, which vary is context. The next four following boat lettering examples were based off the customer’s favorite choice, number 1, which used rope lettering for the entire word “Knotty.”

8. adding knots to knotty

Each proposed boat graphic is superimposed over the hull to see how it fits. Size and placement of a boat graphic should really work to enhance the vessel.

8. hull preview
7. knotty is thicker…rotated so it doesn’t hit buoy as much, y threads through tt and wraps through u with frayed ends.
7. hull preview best fit for center of transom
6 hull preview with knotty offset and y will wrap through u
5. rough layout vertically stacking the words.
5. hull preview
4. Square knot through buoy, stacked
4. hull preview centered
3. straight with bowline
3. hull preview
2. a tangled mess on the buoy
2. hull preview off center for larger letters is more readable
1. with cursive knotty
1. hull preview