Like What U Sea? – Boat Graphics – Miami

Caribbean land crab
I like the white better don’t you agree?
For the step. Hard to read, I will make one with white lettering to compare.
wrap layer sans letters, the reflective layer can be overlaid in four pieces
reflective layer and hairline

It occurs to me this edit would make production and installation simpler. We print not just the shadows but the hair detail on the reflective layer. The base layer could be black around the edges to avoid registration problems. I’ts very sticky and thicker so less detail in the cut path and designed for simpler registration. This is rough of course. I think the line should look like hair, but even for weatherability reasons, should we shouldn’t be cutting tiny pieces of this material.

ropes printed separately to ensure placement. This overlay is trimmed at the girl.
No earing.
Flat stomach
After surgery (smaller tummy)
before surgery
Working on details with this final layout like…
Using a wake to blend the Magic Carpet into the scene.
This is how it has changed and fits now with the hull
Curved horizon with crab
Using a wood background for a wrap.
A flooring tone called snow wood would work well.
Rough but for example the wood tone
Sans left starfish
New rope layout mirror image for balance on each side.
updated rope on girl to match rope to haws pipes

I added an arm so she doesn’t look like her hand is disappearing

…and, more edits for a more interesting tail and bikini.